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- One-day charge for 24 hours of stay or less

- Billing cut-off is 2:00 pm (additional 1 Day Room Charge  after 4:00 pm of the day of discharge).




The Hospital Management do not allow patient occupying private room  or I.C.U. to sign a promissory note for their unsettled hospital bill. In case there is an unnecessary instance that patient really needs to sign a promissory note. The  promissory note must be supported by the following requirements.


A.              hospital bill must be paid at least 70 % of the total bill, including Professional fees of the doctors.


B.              there must be a collateral for the said promissory note accepted by the hospital management.


C.              a Guarantor known by the hospital is needed (in case patient do not pay the promissory note on the said date of payment, the guarantor will take care of the full financial responsibility written in the promissory note including interest).


Billing for Accommodations

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